Most of our customers decline, for obvious reasons, from being publicly named as a reference. Should you require project-specific references, we would be happy to make such a request with prior client agreement.

Software Projects

Several tasks must be executed frequently, and sometimes a software is developed to perform these tasks. From time to time we also publish projects to let others benefit from our research and work.

Security Advisories

From time to time, we publish Security Advisories, to inform customers and vendors about security vulnerabilities in products. These advisories are published right here.


To follow is a short list of projects in which we were able to support our customers.

  • Analysis of Web applications for nationally and internationally active financial and large companies
  • Reverse Engineering of targeted malware, trojans, worms and exploits
  • Analysis of hardware, software and Firmware for various e-Banking Authorization-Tokens
  • Source Code analysis of Apple iOS-based applications
  • Detailed, technical security analysis of mobile devices and applications for industrial, pharmaceutical and telecommunication companies
  • Technical end-to-end security analysis of several centrally managed building-entry-systems
  • Support in securing the Mobile Device Management solutions in the enterprise environment
  • Evaluation of authentication and encryption methods for embedded systems
  • Crypto Benchmarks on different microprocessors regarding feasibility and cost-benefit analysis
  • Technical Risk Analysis of various known and unknown, radio-based communication protocols
  • Support of the design of authentication solutions in the industrial sector and embedded device development
  • Support in terms of forensics and incident handling for internal and external events

We would be happy to assist you competently and discreetly with our subject-matter expertise. Contact us!

Public Relations

Please find references below to previous publications made by our colleagues at modzero AG.